3 Tips To Optimize Mitochondria & Supercharge Longevity

Think social connection isn’t crucial for your cells? Think again. “The fundamental truth is that we need social connection to thrive in this world,” says Maloof. “Social connection is the greatest factor we know in longevity and happiness.” In fact, research has shown that social isolation was associated with a higher risk of developing dementia

That said, we should consider nurturing positive social relationships a “biohack” for longevity. “And I just don’t think we prioritize it like we do weight, food, movement, and stress management,” says Maloof. It’s high time we change the narrative. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering: What about online connections versus IRL relationships? Well, Maloof doesn’t knock social media entirely. For many, it’s a helpful tool to maintain and discover those relationships. However, she calls it “processed social connection.” It can fill you up, but it’s not as wholesome as the real thing. “It’s like processed food,” she explains. “I don’t completely eliminate processed foods, but I don’t eat it for every meal. If I lived on it, I would be just sick.” 

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