Antonio Brown and Jerry Jones deserve each other in the worst way

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown
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Peanut Butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs, Jay-Z and Beyonce. We might soon be able to add Antonio Brown and Jerry Jones to that list if the former has his way. TMZ Sports caught up with Brown, where he sent a verbal message to the Cowboys owner.

Reporter: People want you to come back to football.

AB: Tell Jerry Jones to call me.

Reporter: Really?

AB: Maybe…

Imagine the migraine headaches Dak Prescott would experience dealing with Brown on the field every week. AB is still a talented wide receiver and could immediately step in and become Dallas’ No. 2 option. He may still be good enough to be the No. 1 option, but that spot is currently occupied by third-year wideout CeeDee Lamb.

The Cowboys are a little thin at the receiver position and could use a weapon like Brown. I’m not sure how Prescott would feel about this, but Dallas doesn’t have a proven second receiving threat heading into the season. Amari Cooper is in Cleveland, and Michael Gallup’s still recovering from an ACL injury. James Washington fractured his right foot in training camp and probably won’t see the field again until October.

Based on football alone, AB is a no-brainer for any NFL team but especially a team in need like Dallas. But with Brown, it isn’t only his production on the field. If you bring in Antonio, you’ve got to accept the entire package like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to do for a while.

Part of the package that is AB also includes a history of violence against women. Which we already know has never stopped Jerry from signing a player he wants. Jones signed Greg Hardy in 2015, after he’d already been arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Hardy was convicted of assault initially before the charges were dismissed after the accuser ceased cooperating with the prosecution. The charges were eventually expunged. In 2019, Brown was accused of rape by former trainer Britney Taylor. Taylor also claimed Brown sexually assaulted her on at least three different occasions. At the time, Brown denied the allegations through his attorney and he settled a civil suit with Taylor last year. That’s just some of what you get when you bring in AB along with the personality as the Bucs found out.

Tampa Bay overlooked all of that at the behest of Tom Brady. Because of Brady’s “friendship” (at the time) with AB, he was able to get through to Brown long enough for them to win a Super Bowl together. Then last season, AB reverted to being all about AB and said Brady, be damned, I’m out if you won’t pass me the ball. Brown went off the rails (again) and walked out on the Bucs and remains a free agent.

We were given another glimpse into the psyche of Brown a couple of days ago when he copied and pasted a not-so-cryptic quote onto Twitter and hit send. He even quoted buddy Kanye West in part of his post. Now there’s a team that deserves each other, Ye and AB.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dak sent Brown’s post and TMZ video to Jones with one word accompanying both: NO. Dez Bryant was the last receiver who couldn’t get on the same page with Prescott during Dak’s first couple of years in the league. Dak and Dez never fully synced up in the two years they played together. Bryant averaged 91 catches per season from 2012-14 while catching passes from Tony Romo. Once Romo got injured during the 2016 preseason.

Bryant’s fortunes changed drastically. In the two years Bryant spent catching balls from Prescott, he failed to reach 70 receptions each season. Bryant played 13 games during the ‘16 campaign and caught just 50 passes. Dez wasn’t happy about the switch at quarterback and seems to have never gotten over how things panned out.

So, it’s safe to say Prescott would have zero interest in dealing with another receiver that will question and pester him about where he chooses to throw the ball. If Brown was willing to question Brady’s decision-making, then Prescott has no shot at wrangling AB.

The mere thought of Brown suiting up for the Cowboys sounds like a disaster and one I doubt we’ll see. And one he doesn’t deserve at this point. From the sexual assault allegations, to his detrimental conduct on multiple teams. You’d think he’d run out of chances. But this is the NFL (and potentially Jerry Jones) we’re talking about. And we know the history of both.

So, of course there’s a chance we see the ever-delusional AB back on an NFL field for one more round. Once we get into the season, players get hurt, teams get antsy, and need a serviceable deep threat; Brown could get some calls. The NFL covets talent above all else. See Deshaun Watson. But maybe I’m wrong this time. 

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