Avoid These 6 Foods To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms, Says An M.D.

One of my pillars of nutritional psychiatry is to follow your body’s intelligence regarding anxiety-inducing foods.

This is important because each person’s microbiome is unique, so no two people react to foods exactly the same. Therefore, foods that induce anxiety for some may not have such stressful effects on others. While the above foods are all linked to inflammation of the gut and brain, the extent to which individuals will experience symptoms vary. So I encourage people to be mindful when it comes to eating, acknowledge how different foods make them feel, and then choose accordingly.

As for what to eat to fend off inflammation and stress, focus the diet on nutrient-rich plant foods with plenty of healthy fats and clean proteins. Fiber is also your friend when it comes to anxiety. Fiber, a vital nutrient for the gut microbes, comes from filling foods like vegetables, lentils, nuts, and seeds that digest more slowly and help to keep your emotions and blood sugar steady.

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