Bass Master Excision Brought The Heat To The Brooklyn Mirage

Bass music king Excision sets the stage for the best in dubstep. The “X Up” and “Name Drop” artist has created major music festivals Bass Canyon, Lost Lands and Paradise Blue, produced virtual apocalyptic shows with skull-shattering bass, toured constantly for over 10 years and delivered multiple chart-topping hits. His recent shows at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner delivered the heavy hitters that the producer is known for.

The Thursday and Friday night shows, which took place August 4 and 5, boasted a diverse set of openers, including Level Up, Calcium, Sullivan King, Kompany, Kai Watchi and more. The openers set the stage for what was to come—relentless bass with insane visual production. As an attendee for the Friday night event, Level Up brought the heat, Kai Watchi delivered the dubstep music that fans craved and Calcium—who closed the night—played heavy bass.

Excision, formally known as Jeff Abel, is one of the heavyweight producers within the bass music space. In his epic set, he played “G S**t,” “The Last Time,” “Throwin’ Elbows” and more. It’s safe to say that the show was full of mosh pits, head banging and X’s being thrown up—a symbol that fans do with their arms to show support for the icon.

Per a usual Abel show, the event was lit up with insane lasers, T-Rex images, killer visuals and insane tunes that matched the visual production. Indeed, Abel proves to be a champion of the genre.

Past albums by the acclaimed bass beat maker include Onyx and Apex. The tastemaker also boasts his own label, Subsidia, which launched with three parts in 2020—Dusk, Night and Dawn. Night is home to the heaviest bangers (get your neck braces ready for this one), while Dusk showcases the wonky and wobbly sounds of experimental bass. Melodic and lyrical bass tracks are featured on Dawn, rounding out the three compilations that totaled 118 tracks combined from over 100 artists. Since the initial releases, Abel has made other versions of the LPs.

“Creatively, I think bass music is in its golden age, and in a live setting, it’s selling more tickets than ever before. There are so many different kinds of sounds coming out right now from artists of all sizes, ranging from aggressive and energetic to soft and full of emotion. So for me, this label is a way to celebrate the diversity of the genre and to give a platform to artists who are really innovating,” Excision tells Forbes in a past interview.

However, Subsidia is more than just a label. Visually, it is a futuristic city for those who love bass and have chosen to be free. While the rest of society is sheltered in a simulated world that delivers all of their wants and needs, Subsidians create their own experiences in the real world.

Looking back on his illustrious career to date, Abel says if he could turn back time and give himself one piece of advice it would be, “Don’t stress so much about reaching your goals—take a minute to enjoy the journey,” Abel tells Forbes in a past interview.

Indeed, Abel proved why he is a legend in bass music in his past shows at The Brooklyn Mirage. The bass master brought the heat, as per usual, creating a heavy-hitting show catering to all tastes in bass music.

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