Busy Summer Schedule Drained Your Battery? Recharge With This Weekend Itinerary

Nothing flies by faster than a summer weekend—one concert, barbecue, and patio brunch later and the Sunday Scaries have arrived in record time. So we’ll kick off this itinerary by slowing way down and unwinding from the week with some me-time. To set the tone for a relaxed weekend, choose a light form of mindful movement to get out of your head and into your body: go for an easy walk around the park, take a gentle yoga class, or press play on a guided meditation. The first step to recharging is letting go of what depleted you in the first place. 

Afterward, treat yourself to a lighter and quieter happy hour at home. Nothing says friday like the pure decadence of Baileys Deliciously Light. It still promises the rich cocoa and vanilla flavors of Baileys Original, but with 40% less calories and sugar. Pour it over ice or mix it with a little cold brew, and head to your comfiest chair or favorite spot outside. To make the most out of the moment, bring a journal and empty your mind on the page; grab a book and get lost in story; or give yourself some uninterrupted time to do nothing (really, what sounds better).

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