Dive Bar Ice Cream? Miller High Life Assures Us It’s A Thing

Miller High Life has done some pretty divey promotions. A Valentine’s Day dive bar date. A Backyard dive bar. A gingerbread dive bar kit.

But now, fans of both dive bars and Miller High Life can enjoy the two in dive bar ice cream bars.

For a limited time, ice cream bar and dive bar fans can purchase 6-packs of ice cream dive bars here. At $36 a pack, the bars taste and smell like, well, dive bars.

“There’s nothing quite like the tastes, smells and feels of a dive bar,” says a brand representative. “You know what I’m talking about. There’s an immediate smell of history when you walk in because the bar is undoubtedly old. It’s an iconic place.”

So, how does one translate the baked in smoke smell, the feet-sticking sensation of walking into a bar into an edible ice cream bar? Well, the Miller High Life crew teamed up with the folks at Tipsy Scoop to knock around some ideas before they created the bar.

They started by infusing the ice cream with Miller High Life. Then, they added a peanut swirl, evoking the peanut-strewn bar tops and floors, and then they added a gooey caramel swirl, evoking the stickiness of those dive bar floors. A hint of tobacco smoke and some effervescent candies add the authentic smell of the bar and the fizz of the beer. And then the entire ice cream bar gets covered in dark chocolate, which reminds one of the dark lighting and wood paneling of many dive bars.

“Every sense is accounted for,” the brand representative says. “The flavors are directly inspired by the distinct tastes, sights, smells and the general feel of a dive bar. High Life being a dive bar staple, peanuts on almost every dive bar top, caramel mimics the sticky beer-drenched floor your shoes stick to, vanilla smoke provides that distinct, smokey dive aroma, carbonated candy matching the signature effervescence of High Life, and dark chocolate to give the optic of dark, moody lighting.”

The promotion builds off of the success of last year’s gingerbread dive bar kits and “patio dive bar” set. “We wanted to crate another opportunity for fans to bring the simple pleasures of enjoying a beer at a dive bar home while keeping cool this summer,” she says.

The bars also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar, though the inventors of that summer treat may not have ever envisioned this mashup. “Ice cream lovers and dive bar lovers alike can treat themselves with this intoxicating and delicious treat,” she says. Miller High Life itself is just a bit older than ice cream bars, dating back to 1903.

“They do actually taste good,” she says, adding that they’re available for delivery in New York City by messenger, and they’re available nationwide through overnight shipping to all 50 states. Though they’re available now, it’s likely they’ll sell out quickly, if past promotions for the brand are any indication.

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