Grapeseed Oil For Hair Growth + Other Options

Grapeseed oil is A+ for healthy hair growth, but there are plenty of other star players out there! For instance, if we’re talking about natural remedies for hair growth, we’d be remiss to ignore rosemary oil. When compared to 2% minoxidil (a common ingredient in hair growth products), rosemary oil was equally effective and less irritating to the scalp than its competitor in this clinical study. There are even more benefits to using rosemary oil in the hair, a few of which you can read about here.

That being said, grapeseed oil isn’t the only option for a long and healthy mane. Whether you use grapeseed, rosemary, or another natural oil, you can reap the benefits of all those hair-healthy antioxidants and fatty acids. Better yet, if you really want to encourage healthy hair growth, try folding a scalp massage into your routine.

Studies have shown that the promotion of blood circulation in the scalp can aid hair growth for some (since the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the area, which can result in healthy, thriving follicles). So whatever oil you decide to use, just remember to massage the scalp to double down on the benefits, especially if you’re looking to encourage hair growth. Good news: We have an easy tutorial.

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