I Was Sick For Years — A Diagnosis Brought Both Grief & Relief

For anyone living with a chronic condition, I believe mindset is so important. Trusting that your body can heal and that you can get better is so crucial—at least this way of thinking is what ultimately got me through my journey. Even if your diagnosis is something incurable, that doesn’t mean you’re not able to live a full life.

Personally, I feel like I’m a lot healthier now—even with all of my autoimmune conditions—than I was before I got sick. I feel like my life is more aligned, and I’m doing the right things for my body, rather than pushing myself beyond a breaking point. 

I’ve been able to share my learnings from my own experience to hopefully help others, as well. Since I was on a strict meal plan for my autoimmune conditions, I put together a meal plan for myself. After doing this successfully, I decided to turn it into a cookbook and a meal plan online, so other people could use my framework if they’re in a similar situation. 

This work is a celebration of the idea that even after chronic illness, you can take your experience and do something great—even help others in the process.

Ultimately, I believe it’s so important to maintain hope—and you can have a pretty awesome life once you do find your right path to heal.

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