Internet trolls go after little league players for showing compassion

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Screenshot: ESPN

Unless you’ve been on vacation in a cave lately, I’m sure you have seen the video of the little leaguer who got hit in the head with a pitch and then went to console the pitcher that hit him. Most would contend that this was a great moment of sportsmanship and forgiveness that many youth sports parents and coaches can learn from.

The video has garnered millions of views, with many different reactions. Most of them have been positive and pointed out how big it was for this kid to go out to the mound and hug the pitcher that just beaned him. Sure, it’s a competition, but no one sends their kids out there to get hurt or hurt someone else. These kids get that.

Unfortunately, there’s the other side of reactions to the incident. Believe it or not, some adults think these kids are soft for having this moment during a game. The president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, falls into this category blasting both children for their display.

“This isn’t good sportsmanship. It’s dumb. You got this kid on the ropes, and he’s rattled. Trip to Williamsport on the line. You can play pattycakes after. As far as the pitcher goes, that’s your plate.”

It isn’t just Portnoy that had a negative response to this video. Check out some of the Twitter threads, and you’ll see a lot of shitty humans out here who want to see kids act like jackasses.

It’s disgusting that a few people have found a way to crap on these kids for showing they’re human. The pitcher was more shaken by what he’d done than the batter. Yet, for some, he was too “soft,” and the batter should’ve taken advantage of that.

Stupidity like this should be illegal. But then again, many of the guys belittling these kids backed “El Presidente 45,” so it isn’t shocking to see them spew their idiocy all over Twitter. I don’t care what anyone says, this was a great moment that everyone can learn from.

There is room for human decency within a competitive environment.

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