Misspellings top the the most-changed baby names of the past five years

It’s no secret that parents of newborns deal with sleep deprivation, but apparently that sometimes kicks in before they even leave the hospital.

A study of the most changed baby names over the past five years by the Washington Post finds that the two most-changed names are made because of misspellings on the birth certificate.

“Issac” is the most changed name in the U.S., according to the Social Security Administration, as parents realize it’s actually spelled “Isaac.” And many parents who name their child “Chloe” accidentally list it as “Chole” on the birth certificate, necessitating a change.

Other changes come as people drop names that are no longer popular and instead select one that is…well, trending. (So, move over, Isabella. Olivia’s coming through.)

Here’s a look at the most changed and most adopted names between January 2017 and March 2022.

Rank Most Changed Names Most adopted names
1 Issac Isaac
2 Chole Chloe
3 Aiden Sebastian
4 Conner William
5 Elliot Olivia
6 Michael Michael
7 James Elijah
8 Isabella Matthew
9 Sophia Connor
10 David Jonathan

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