Protesting loser scales facade of downtown Phoenix tower

This man is insistent on injecting his politics into Super Bowl week, which should be a mindless capitalist jamboree

Hey you, guy at the Phoenix police station who got arrested for climbing that building, no one cares about your politics right now. It’s Super Bowl week.

Right now is not the time, and down the street from where the NFL has set up its primary location to price-gouge its customers is not the place for this type of public disturbance. It’s bad enough that you’re causing a ruckus in a place where a lot of people are just trying to get work.

Thousands of people minding their business on a Tuesday morning, busy making a small handful of people wealthier than some countries, don’t need you and your politics disrupting their day. It takes a lot of time and attention to make someone else money. They shouldn’t have to worry about you scaling what used to be known as the Chase Tower.

Even though JPMorgan Chase no longer owns the building, its name is most relevant to the headlines about your stunt. No way! Not this company that just six years ago paid out a $53 million settlement after being sued by the United States government for charging Black and Hispanic home buyers higher interest rates on their mortgages than their white counterparts. This stand-up company actually admitted its faults. Chase owned up to the fact that the U.S. government was correct in its findings that its “wholesale lending brokers charged minority borrowers more than white borrowers in the same position”.

The company is currently underdelivering on its Oct. 2020 pledge to create 40,000 new Black and Latino homebuyers according to Bloomberg. Chase owned up to the hand that it played in increasing the racial wealth gap, and at least said that it wants to do better. They don’t need you and your politics scaling a building that used to have its name on it, sir.

The audacity!

On top of all of that, you are distracting people from the Super Bowl! I, for one, am appalled. With all of the layoffs taking place and companies still throwing giant parties and renting out suites at a game in which the cheapest ticket is going for $6,000, you chose that place to make your political statement.

Oh, no sir. Politics has no business there. When it comes to America’s biggest sporting spectacle of the year, the only thing people care about is spending as much money as possible and watching giant men hurl themselves into each other at great speed — gradually deteriorating their bodies and minds with each blow.

The game is also doubling as a Rihanna concert with her halftime performance. Don’t take my attention away from vibing to Anti, an album I hold closer to my heart than any other because no matter how much I beg in her mentions it’s been seven years and still no new album. She’s actually going to grace our presence with a performance. How dare you besmirch that with your politics.

You do not have the right to disrupt commerce, traffic, and most certainly not my ability to mindlessly enjoy sports. When I head to that convention center in Phoenix my focus is on football. Not you and your minority stance on one of the most polarizing topics in this country.

Your politics have no place in my football. I need you to take them elsewhere. Somewhere far away from this sacred place of currency and concussions.

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