Seattle Seahawks prepare for a long season of disappointment

Get ready to see a lot of this kind of thing in Seattle this season.

Get ready to see a lot of this kind of thing in Seattle this season.
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The 2022 NFL season is likely to be one of the worst in a long time for the Seattle Seahawks. They took a couple of steps backward after trading Russell Wilson to Denver, the last link to their championship defense, Bobby Wagner, was released in March, and there’s a quarterback battle between two guys who would be backups on most teams.

It’s only the preseason, but the Seahawks have lost their first two games, with one remaining against the Dallas Cowboys on Friday. The first game against Pittsburgh wasn’t horrible, as the offense scored three touchdowns, led by Drew Lock and Geno Smith. Lock recorded two passing TDs, and Smith rushed for one. Both threw for over 100 yards on 15 attempts. Not great, but far from horrible, although Seattle lost 32-25.

In the second preseason game against the Bears, Smith did not have a good showing in limited time. Geno was 10-of-18 and passed for 112 yards. Lock missed this game after testing positive for COVID-19, so Jacob Eason stepped in and didn’t fare any better than Smith. Seattle mustered up 11 points with one T.D. on the ground from running back Darwin Thompson.

Following the game with the Bears in Seattle, NBA star LeBron James was in town making an appearance in “The Crawsover” ProAm league. It had been a long time (15 years) since Lebron laced ‘em up and hooped in the emerald city. So, Seattle’s social media team took this golden opportunity to remind LeBron about an open offer to suit up for the hawks.

Obviously, this is a tongue-in-cheek offer, but we’ve heard for years about how good James probably could have been if he’d chosen to focus on football over basketball. Think of him playing with the Seahawk split out wide on the opposite side of D.K. Metcalf. Then you add Tyler Lockett to that mix, and you’ve one awesome-looking wide receiver group. But even if Bron could’ve been a great football player, it’s doubtful he would’ve been one of the top three players in the game’s history.

At this stage, that dream will never become a reality. But the social media posting reads almost like an S.O.S. Please, send help! It makes me think of the Shannon Sharpe clip from years ago when the Broncos were pounding the Patriots and Sharpe pleaded for someone to send the national guard.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter who Seattle lines up at WR this year. They could bring back Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, or Terrell Owens to play next to Metcalf and Lockett. If the QB can’t get them the ball on target consistently, and the offensive line doesn’t hold up, they’d still be the team most expect they’ll be in 2022.

Two wins in the NFC West this year would be an accomplishment for the Seahawks. The Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers are lightyears ahead of the Seahawks. This was the only division where three teams made the postseason, and the 49ers and Rams battled in the NFC title game. The NFC West was also the only division to have three teams win double-digit games. Seattle isn’t even in the same universe as these teams.

Week 1 will probably feel like the Super Bowl for Seahawks fans as Wilson returns to the city with the Broncos. If Seattle only wins one game all year, fans will want it to be this one. Anytime a star player decides to leave a team, we know the response they get upon returning. And the NFL set this up perfectly for Week 1 of the season in Seattle. Even if the game isn’t that great, the storyline will have people in different parts of the country looking forward to this one.

Although it looks and feels like this could be another down year for the Seahawks, there is light at the end of this dark, dank tunnel. The 2023 QB class is projected to be much deeper than this year. Some early mock drafts project multiple QBs selected in the top 10 compared to only one taken in the entire first round this April.

Should Seattle land in the top five of the draft, they should have their choice between players like C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), Bryce Young (Alabama), and Anthony Richardson (Florida), among others. If you must suffer another rough season to find your franchise QB for the next decade, then so be it.

The days of overall shutdown defenses are long gone. There are good defenses, but everybody gives up yards, and you’re going to give up points. Offenses are too advanced, and the rules are too skewed toward them. So, teams that don’t have at least an above-average QB basically have no shot at seriously competing.

You aren’t a real contender if your QB isn’t considered top 10-12 in the league. The Seahawks don’t have a guy in the top 25. I’m not saying the Seahawks are going to lose every game. In fact, there are potentially four to five games they should have a good chance at winning. Seattle plays against both New York teams (both games in Seattle), the Lions, Falcons, and Panthers. There’s got to be some wins that come out of facing that group of teams.

Unless something crazy happens for the Seahawks, like the 49ers losing their minds and handing over Jimmy Garoppolo to save their season. Short of that unlikely occurrence, it’s shaping up to be a very long fall in the Pacific Northwest.

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