Skip Bayless trolls Bronny James over dunk

Skip Bayless is a tool

Skip Bayless is a tool
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Here we go again, one more time, Skip Bayless getting under people’s skin.

Some folks think he’s taking his “rivalry” with LeBron James a little too seriously. Bayless has resorted to trolling James’ oldest son Bronny. Yes, that’s right, Skip apparently has nothing better to do with his time than to rag on a high school kid dunking a basketball.

The dunk Bronny flushed over an opposing player was pretty damn impressive. Skip commenting negatively on this jam is the definition of “hating.”

Bayless’ show on FS1, “Undisputed,” has been built off Skip’s LeBron isn’t the “GOAT” narrative for the last six years. The morning debate show began on the heels of James bringing home an NBA championship to Cleveland and proclaiming himself the goat. Skip fled ESPN, joined FS1, added LeBron’s biggest fan Shannon Sharpe and they were off and running.

A lot has changed in the NBA landscape since James and the Cavs’ Finals victory in 2016. Bron is swiftly approaching 40 years of age, and the NBA road is getting shorter by the day. Since Bronny could wind up in the association within the next couple of years, Bayless seems to be getting a head start to keep this battle going.

Skip’s put together a successful career slandering and goading different professional athletes over the last 40-plus years. From LeBron to Chris Bosh, Terrell Owens, and even Troy Aikman in the 1990s, Bayless has always had a knack for pissing off athletes. Pick a big-name football or basketball player from any era of the past 25 years, and Skip has probably thrown dirt on their name at some point.

Most people seem to have grown tired of Bayless’ act long ago. Yet, he’s still able to get a reaction out of many NBA players like Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Trae Young. On the other hand, James never gives Skip the time of day, the same route Stephen Curry takes when Bayless bashes him. Bron and Steph have been the best at paying Bayless no mind among the current era of NBA stars.

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose also had beef with Bayless back in the day. We don’t need to rehash that confrontation, but it was freaking hilarious. Rose had to be the first person to render Bayless speechless. Jalen stepped forward Tuesday on ESPN and called out Skip for going after a high school kid with more natural ability in his pinky finger than Bayless ever possessed.

This feels so desperate from Bayless like he needs some imaginary feud to keep him going. Bronny can’t even get to college before Skip is bugging him with his nonsense. Hopefully, Bronny continues to follow his pops’ lead and doesn’t feed into Bayless’ schtick. Although, I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

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