The Low-Oxalate Diet: What It Is + How To Do It Safely

Functional medical doctors believe that leaky gut (also not currently a recognized medical diagnosis) occurs when your delicate intestinal lining is compromised. This causes undigested food particles and bacterial endotoxins to pass from the digestive system into your bloodstream and the rest of your body where it doesn’t belong. This can put your immune system in overdrive and lead to increased inflammation throughout your body. With this hyper-awareness, your immune system may end up reacting to almost any food that passes through, including healthy, high-oxalate foods like spinach.

Mold toxicity and mold-related diseases aren’t given the weight they deserve in conventional medicine, leaving many suffering for years without any answers. Since every person’s biochemistry is different, mold toxicity can manifest in various symptoms, especially considering the type of mold strain you are exposed to. Studies have shown a connection4 between people who were exposed to high levels of Aspergillus niger —a mold species often found in water-damaged buildings—and oxalate sensitivity due to the fact that this species of mold produces oxalate crystals.

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