The M Jewelers Expands To LA With Help From Red Luxury Group

The M Jewelers landed on the fashion and accessory scene at the cusp of the social media generation. Taking what plenty of streetwear influencers were strong at and using their presence to further his brand reach was paramount in the mystique that is the jewelry brand and maker. As a tiny shop in the Diamond District of New York City, The M Jeweler once teamed with social media influencers to grow their base and now has been acquired by Red Luxury Group, taking the brand to Los Angeles with a brick and mortar location at 8445 Melrose Avenue this fall.

In January of 2022, The M Jeweler would open its first flagship in the heart of Soho, NY, where they would deliver the full line of jewelry and customization headquarter. Having a successful 2021 with over $12 million in revenue, Red Luxury Group would come in as a majority partner in helping to double that number. Red Luxury has a vision for the jewelry brand that involves a global presence, already frequented by the celebrities who dawn The M Jewelers style, including Bella Hadid, an international supermodel.

The M Jewelers brand founder and Chief Branding Officer Mark Shami, and Vice President of Retail Anthony Frisina, celebrated the acquisition by the jewelry specialist in May of this year. Shami and Frisina are entrusting in the vision of the Red Luxury Group and what they have done with their current roster, increasing their presence globally and growth by hundreds of percent.

“We develop a statement and emotional jewelry by partnering with great talents to build global and unique brands,” says Red Luxury Group’s founders Romain Benichou and David-Emmanuel Cohen, installing confidence in the young jewelry makers. The Red Luxury Group had previous jewelry brand acquisitions, one in 2017 with the Ginette NY brand, experiencing 300% growth. They followed that acquisition with the Pamela Love brand in 2019, showing 500% growth under The Red Luxury Group name.

The 1000 square-foot space at 204 Mulberry Street in New York City is more than favorable for the brand, drawing lines each weekend since its opening. The New York location reflects the diligence of the founders Shami and Frisina in keeping to a standard that provides a luxury experience for Generation Z and Millennials alike. A clean facade hosts the different designs by The M Jewelers like nameplate necklaces, as seen on the aforementioned model Hadid, rings, earrings in styles like studs and hoops, and collaboration pieces with creatives like Alexander Roth and the MLB. They also host a private client room for jewelry customization, a premium experience The M Jewelers brand.

The Los Angeles retail location plans to open in September of this year and the third store in October 2022 in Tokyo, under the guidance of the Red Luxury Group. The M Jewelers brand and its founders understand that streetwear occupies avenues in the retail neighborhoods of major cities and see an opportunity to surpass their early success online – one influential city at a time.

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