U-Boat Makes A Dive Watch For Ladies, And There Are Diamonds Involved

U-Boat is famous for having made the world’s largest watch, the U-Boat 1942, which was 64.4mm wide and 18mm thick. Now, the diving watch specialist has made its thinnest watch ever, a ladies model that measures a more modest 30mm wide. The U-Boat Classico Lady is a feminized version of a dive watch, which is a specialty of the Italian watch manufacturer. Not only has the size been reduced to fit smaller wrist sizes, but the three outsized numerals on the dial – 12, 4 and 8 – are decked out with 36 white diamonds.

U-Boat watches, named for the naval submarines used by Germany, are characteristically large – up to 50mm in the current collection – with large numerals at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock (and in some models, the 10), and a signature crown guard, with a cap atached by a metal hinge that screws down over the crown for extra water resistance. And, uniquely, the crown is positioned on the left side of the case. The new U-Boat Classico Lady is essentially a tool watch for women. This is easy to do with dress watches, but taking a tough-looking watch like the U-Boat and making it into a ladies’ accessory without losing the signature elements is not an easy task. Yet the watch looks authentic, and still does the job. Its crown guard is not unlike the crown guard on a Cartier Pasha, which also comes in a wide range of sizes, and is considered a pure unisex watch.

The new ladies’ watch has a stainless steel case and crown, along with a stainless steel bracelet with deployant clasp. The complex dial has metal with an upper layer in mother-of-pearl, declined in three different colours: pink, black and turquoise. The The U-Boat Classico Lady is water resistant to 50 meters. The movements are Quartz.

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