What It Really Means To Be An Aquarius Rising + How To Thrive

If you’re looking for someone who’s going to pour their heart out to you or immediately jump into a committed relationship, an Aquarius rising is probably not the best bet. However, if you want to be with someone who cares about the collective and can entertain the most stimulating intellectual conversations, you might be in luck.

As Budd explains, Aquarians’ telltale emotional detachment can make dating a challenge. Again, they don’t want to be boxed-in, and that includes by other people. This can also make them take an unusual approach to dating, whether they don’t adhere to dating norms or avoid settling down all together.

“They can be a little emotionally detached and a little bit more conceptual, so trying to connect with them deeply and emotionally might feel a bit frustrating,” Budd says, adding to understand that it’s simply this sign’s nature.

Further, she notes, they probably won’t want to be with somebody who doesn’t understand their need for freedom and/or doesn’t have shared higher values. “It will bug them all the time that they can’t share these key values, and for somebody that is highly emotional, they might find it challenging that Aquarius is a bit more detached,” Budd explains.

To that end, this rising sign can also be a bit sporadic and unpredictable, even if they do commit to someone. “You’re not necessarily going to get a really consistent person,” according to Budd, who notes that unless they have other prominent, more emotive placements (like a Pisces moon, for example), that emotional bond can take a lot of time.

In terms of astrological compatibility, check out our guide to relationship astrology (aka synastry) for a full explanation of how that all works. But generally speaking, Aquarius risings will likely get along well with people who have prominent air sign placements, particularly Aquarius placements.

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