water taxi

With the arrival of electric water taxis in December, Mumbai’s transportation scene is going to undergo a significant transformation.

These cutting-edge boats will connect Belapur in Navi Mumbai to the famous Gateway of India in South Mumbai, providing both locals and tourists with an effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Four brand-new electric water taxis, each costing about Rs 2.5 crore, were recently purchased by renowned private water taxi operator Infinity Harbour Service, signifying a significant investment.

Two 24-seater electric water taxis are presently undergoing rigorous trial runs along the picturesque shores of Goa, as a monument to their dedication to sustainable transportation. Two more six-seater water taxis are also being tested in the lovely canals of Kochi.

The 24-seater electric water taxi is set to take center stage on the route that connects Belapur in Navi Mumbai and the Gateway of India in South Mumbai, according to Sohel Kazani, Managing Partner of Infinity Harbour Service. It’s a significant step toward environmentally responsible water transportation.

The energy economy of these electric water taxis is among their most impressive qualities. In sharp contrast to their conventional equivalents, which need 140 liters of diesel per hour, they can operate continuously for four hours on a single charge. This is a big step towards a greener, more sustainable future for Mumbai’s water transportation system, in addition to offering huge cost savings.

With operations in both the charming Mandwa Alibaug and the well-known Elephanta Caves between Belapur and these sites, Infinity Harbour Service is already creating ripples in the water taxi sector. According to the operator, these routes have received positive feedback, especially on weekends, when there have been an amazing three trips per route, each carrying about 15-20 passengers.

Mumbai is embracing a more sustainable future and ensuring faster and more seamless communication between important places in the city with the introduction of electric water taxis.